Welcome to MyVida

The COVID 19 pandemic has awakened the world to the importance of the natural environment

Eco-therapy, physical fitness, mental and emotional wellness and an awareness of appropriate nutrition, have never been more important

Individually and collectively, we are preparing ourselves to tackle the many challenges confronting our everyday lives

The MyVida transformative wellness program is designed to address the needs and requirements of today’s Covid 19 aware world

It is a meaningful retreat for groups of four to six people

In keeping with the appropriate social distancing and the ‘Safe and Clean’ regulations, we have chosen the spectacularly situated Vivenda Aurora as our Eyrie

It fits our criteria for superior accommodation in a wilderness environment that is a natural eco-therapy haven
The home with its spacious bedrooms, bathrooms, dining and relaxation areas, is perfect for conference meetings and workshops


Eco – Therapy

Reconnect with your natural being
Walk the golden sands and rolling green hills
Tinker in the soil as we investigate aromatic herbs
Swim or paddle in the pool as you absorb Vitamin D
Read and relax and allow your body to savour the moment

Physical Fitness

Our bodies are the tabernacles of our souls
Urban training on beaches and in parks
High intensity interval training
Personal and/or group training
Functional fitness training

Mind coaching

Mental wellness is the cornerstone of our lives
Challenging self-criticism
Acknowledging emotions
The power of living the moment
Living a more purposeful life

Nutrition and Culinary awareness

Connecting our primal senses with everyday reality
?Why local
?Why seasonal
?Why colourful
?Why organic

Cultural awareness

“‘What has been, is and will be”
Local heritage – historical and artistic
Reflection – Portugal / UK / colonial expansionism
The importance of the sea – Portugal’s folklore

Classic Portuguese Villa As we enter the spacious courtyard we are greeted by a classic portuguese villa
It is an impressive white building with terracotta roof tiles, sweeping balconies and
the traditional Moorish chimneys that are so characteristic of Algarve homes
View house

The MyVida Team

To make good things happen, you need very good people around you

The MyVida team is comprised of extraordinarily good people
People who want to use their skills to help others live happy, healthy and productive lives

People need help and encouragement to face today’s challenges

MyVida team members are well qualified to fill that need
The team comprises leading internationally experienced, multi-lingual, psychotherapists, fitness trainers, nutritionists and cultural awareness professionals

They have joined together to help people learn how to live better more fulfilling and more satisfying lives

The MyVida team members are dedicated to teaching, learning and sharing their knowledge to help others live to the maximum of their potential

We look forward working with you

Ann’s Australian and Italian background, combined with her vision, enthusiasm and dedication to making good things happen, have prepared her well for leading MyVida’s transformative wellness program

Sharon V

Physiotherapist, Melbourne

Ann’s life long passion for fitness and wellness is reflected in the MyVida project activities that are designed to meet today’s needs

Isabella G

Forgaria, Friuli

Ann’s years of experience with global conferences plus her energetic and positive outlook, have led to the creation of the MyVida project which has been developed to help meet the needs of today’s covid conscience society

Donatella V

Pordenone, Italy

I have always struggled with my weight and self confidence working with Julian has really helped me both my posture and my muscle coordination, which are so important for equestrian sports, have improved a great deal I feel a lot stronger. I am a lot stronger


São Brás de Alportel

Julian is a fantastic trainer and an amazing guy to talk to about everything from training to supplements



Julian does a great job of reading the group and making sure everyone is focused as well as enjoying themselves



Walking and talking with Telmo Dias as we explored the family herb farm was fascinating They have an international market for their produce we felt so lucky to spend time savouring the aromatic herbs as we wandered through the acres of aromatic herbs and plants



The intricacies of organic herbal farming are never ending what a pleasure to learn about the farming techniques that make organic produce so highly valued



Rachel is an amazingly creative cook; her knowledge of nutrition plus her passion and creativity in the kitchen, leave you feeling nourished, healthy and happy



Rachel’s kitchen delights not only taste good, they look good too her visual creativity matches her nutrition skills

Doug W


Her breakfasts look so appetising and leave you feeling energy charged to face the day


São Brás de Alportel

Sofia is a well informed, highly professional tour guide who brings to life each of the areas we visit her warm and bubbly, always ready to assist personality, makes each trip a worthy adventure


Treppo Grande

Joao’s training and experience in the field of nutrition has prepared him well to work with MyVida’s transformative wellness program

Miguel B

Joao has a passionate interest in sport activities and a deep understanding of benefits gained from the correct nutrition

Julian S

! Joao is a fun person, dedicated to helping others as well as being a great chef

Bet S

Farah is incredibly attuned to the moment. She is energetic, empathetic and kind, with skills and expertise that she optimises so well

Ruth S

Taranaki District Health Board NZ

Farah brings a depth of expertise and a style that includes deep listening and thoughtful provocation and insight. She is one of the most astute psychotherapists I have come across

Anita K

Business Psychologist, Leadership Consultant, Global Head of Inclusive Leadership, Executive Coach


Revitalize your mind, body and spirit

By helping you to develop your lifestyle management skills our team of experienced personnel will enhance your awareness of how eco-therapy, physical fitness, mind coaching and nutritional understanding, can strengthen and improve your everyday being

:The MyVida team have put together three packages

A Corporate Getaway
An 8 day classic retreat
A ten day extended transformative wellness adventure

For further information regarding itineraries, safety and hygiene regulations or method of payment please contact us

: WhatsApp
 960299901 351+

Faro – São Brás de Alportel