A ten day adventure An eight day Classic Retreat Corporate Getaway


Corporate Getaway

A five day eco escape

Five action filled days utilising eco therapy, physical fitness, mental wellness coaching, nutrition and active learning to enhance your everyday wellness.  Through team building, experimental and solution focused exercises, you will

: Develop skills in

self discovery
interpreting and relating your core values to team building
Using your personal values to fuel professional development and company growth


Tours include visits to Faro old town, a boat trip on the Ria Formosa, exploration of the Loulé rock salt mine lunch at an ancient fishing village and a visit to an organic herbal and medicinal plant farm

.All meals are included

.Our final dinner will be at the Estoi Palace

An eight day Classic Retreat

A meaningful holiday

We have eight days to utilise eco-therapy, physical fitness training, mental wellness coaching, nutritional and active learning, to introduce you to a more effective and satisfying way to live.  We will utilize this opportunity to enhance your cultural awareness of this land of sunshine and it’s down to earth people who savour the Algarve’s increasingly important eco friendly environment

Through the use of Mental Wellness Coaching you can learn to use your own values to fuel motivation for productive action and personal growth

: Learn to

Acknowledge and accept feelings and emotions
Harness the power of living in the moment
Become self aware without triggering self criticism
Interpret and relate to your values for a more purposeful life

Our in-house nutritionist will introduce us to local culinary delights as we prepare for our morning sessions followed by afternoon and evening activities in the local communities

Tours will include Faro old town, a boat trip on the Ria Formosa exploration of the Loulé rock salt mine lunch at an ancient fishing village and a visit to an organic herbal and medicinal plant farm

We will have a guided tour of picturesque Tavira which has a mix of Roman, Moorish and Christian heritages

We will dine in local restaurants and cafes as we learn about local culture and historical aspects of this fascinating region

A ten day adventure

Transformative Wellness Adventure

We have ten action packed days to show you the benefits of utilising eco-therapy, physical fitness, mental wellness coaching, nutrition and active learning to enhance your personal metamorphosis
This extended program introduces you to some of the deeper historical and cultural aspects of this land that is known as the lighthouse of Europe

You will get to know the niche community that is São Brás de Alportel and its broader communities including Faro, Loule and Tavira
Going further afield we will escape to the region’s Wild West renowned for its seafaring history and its spectacular cliffs overlooking the roaring Atlantic waves

We will visit the ancient town of Lagos and we will venture to Sagres and other areas that form the Cabo St. Vincete, the Costa Vicentina

Along the way we can discuss the significance of Portugal’s 300 year old treaty with England
We can also ponder the longer lasting effects on a population whose grandparents lived under a dictatorship

We can discuss Portugal’s role in bringing slaves to Europe and the realities that hit the colonialists as African countries revolted against Portugal’s imperialistic claims

This deeper cultural awareness will encourage us to assess our own values and help fuel our own productive action and personal growth as we learn to live the moment

  • A Corporate Getaway

  • € 1.450
  • A five day eco escape
  • Active learning (lectures and workshops)
    Team training (urban and gym workouts)
    Solution focused exercises (mind coaching)
  • An Introduction to the authentic Algarve (guided tours)
    All meals and site visits included
  • A restorative weekend workshop
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  • Classic transformative wellness program

  • € 1,850
  • An Eight Day Classic Retreat
  • Active Learning & Physical Fitness (urban training/gym work)
    Mental Wellness & Mind Coaching (lectures/workshops)
  • Nutritionist & Chef – each meal a wholesome delight (local, seasonal, colourful, organic)
    Cultural & Guided tours focus on the authentic Algarve
  • A meaningful holiday
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  • Transformative wellness adventure

  • € 2,450
  • A ten day metamorphosis
  • Nutritional enlightenment
    Physical Fitness enhancement
    Mental Wellness & Mind Coaching
    Cultural awakening
    Introduction to the historically rich Algarve
    An Eco therapy haven
  • Life time lessons
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Opening circle for the retreat will be mid-October 20 extending to late March 2021

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Faro – São Brás de Alportel