the magic formula that makes MyVida a success It helps to know what you are doing but if you don’t
how much you care is more important than how much you know

It helps to know what you are doing but if you don’t, how much you care is more important than how much you know

Team members are multilingual with international backgrounds

CEO & Team coordinator

Ann is responsible for project concept, connections and coordination

She is Australian born but lived in Italy for 20 years prior to moving to Portugal to explore its extraordinary history and to get to know its people

In Italy Ann worked in tourism with focus on Venetian Villa’s for hospitality, corporate marketing events, weddings and conferences

Prior to living in Italy she worked from Melbourne where she represented an Australian and New Zealand Industry association

She had responsibility for international conferences, exhibitions, events and publications

Mental Health Team

Team Coordinator

Mental Health Therapist

Clara has over twenty years experience as a therapist and counsellor

She is a Licenced Clinical Social worker in Utah, USA and a qualified psychologist in Portugal

She believes in the power of shared knowledge including a strength based acceptance and commitment approach for mental flexibility and wellness

Clara is consultant to the MyVida project and is working as a Military and Family Life Counselor providing the different branches (Air force, Army, Navy, Marines and National Guard) of the US military with social, emotional and mental support mainly throughout Europe

Clara is supported by a team of counsellors who are familiar with the MyVida program

Consultant Psychotherapist

Farah Naz is a psychotherapist, trainer and consultant with more than 25 years experience
She has worked in the UK, New Zealand, Australia Europe, India and the UAE with individuals groups, organisations and governments

Farah has run numerous workshops for a range of professional organisations including Schools and GP practices and Corporate companies in the UK more recently
The workshops have included, Well Being, Stress Management, Sleep, Resilience, Mindfulness, Relaxation amongst others

In Portugal, she has a private practice including working with individuals, couples and groups

She is the author of a number of handbooks on mental health and well-being
Farah believes good mental and emotional health changes lives

Activity Team

Personal Trainer

Australian born, Italian raised, the multi lingual Julian studied and worked in Melbourne as a personal trainer and fitness instructor

His clients include  individuals and groups of professionals whose employers recognise the morale boosting and economic benefits of helping their staff to maintain their physical and mental wellness

Julian’s personal training clients include younger and older people some of whom are being trained for specific sports activities such as equestrian events


Julian’s personal passions include body-building

Tour Guide

Sofia is a certified tour guide who is responsible for guiding and accompanying groups on daily excursions as well as on extended tours, up to 15 days, and who works and has worked over the past seven years in the isle of Ireland and the United Kingdom

Born in Italy, she has a humanistic background refined in her studies in Italy, France and Ireland

Sofia will be taking us on a journey back in time – using a comparative approach – to look into the geographical and historical importance of the Algarve, a unique cultural crossroad that represents the bridge between the Occidental and the Middle Eastern cultures

The guided tours will highlight the local history, culture, folklore and natural heritage aspects

Nutrition & Culinary Team

In-House Nutritionist

The English born Rachel, has a life-long interest in diet and nutrition

Rachel uses local Portuguese products to create balanced, nourishing and healthy meals and snacks to boost the body’s natural immune system, promoting optimum health and wellbeing

Rachel speaks English, French and Portuguese


João Pedro Martins is a certified nutritionist who is responsible for providing the MyVida groups’ fresh, healthy and flavour some meals for which he will source fresh and organic products from the nearby farms
Joao is passionate about teaching healthy cuisine

He has a bachelor degree in Nutrition Sciences and is also qualified in Sports Nutrition. He accompanies professional and amateur sports teams and works at a clinical level to help people to improve their BMI by changing their eating habits in a lasting sustainable way. He writes a monthly chronicle about the latest scientifically based nutrition ideas

Joao will lead the MyVida group discussions and workshops
João believes that with the support of a professional and qualified nutritionist our guests can achieve their maximum potential in every way

Ann’s Australian and Italian background, combined with her vision, enthusiasm and dedication to making good things happen, have prepared her well for leading MyVida’s transformative wellness program

Sharon V

Physiotherapist, Melbourne

Ann’s life long passion for fitness and wellness is reflected in the MyVida project activities that are designed to meet today’s needs.

Isabella G

Forgaria, Friuli

Ann’s years of experience with global conferences plus her energetic and positive outlook, have led to the creation of the MyVida project which has been developed to help meet the needs of today’s covid conscience society

Donatella V

Pordenone, Italy

I have always struggled with my weight and self confidence working with Julian has really helped me both my posture and my muscle coordination, which are so important for equestrian sports, have improved a great deal. I feel a lot stronger. I am a lot stronger.


São Brás de Alportel

Julian is a fantastic trainer and an amazing guy to talk to about everything from training to supplements



Julian does a great job of reading the group and making sure everyone is focused as well as enjoying themselves



Walking and talking with Telmo Dias as we explored the family herb farm was fascinating They have an international market for their produce we felt so lucky to spend time savouring the aromatic herbs as we wandered through the acres of aromatic herbs and plants



The intricacies of organic herbal farming are never ending what a pleasure to learn about the farming techniques that make organic produce so highly valued.



Rachel is an amazingly creative cook; her knowledge of nutrition plus her passion and creativity in the kitchen, leave you feeling nourished, healthy and happy



Rachel’s kitchen delights not only taste good, they look good too her visual creativity matches her nutrition skills.

Doug W


Her breakfasts look so appetising and leave you feeling energy charged to face the day.


São Brás de Alportel

Sofia is a well informed, highly professional tour guide who brings to life each of the areas we visit her warm and bubbly, always ready to assist personality, makes each trip a worthy adventure


Treppo Grande

Joao’s training and experience in the field of nutrition has prepared him well to work with MyVida’s transformative wellness program

Miguel B

Joao has a passionate interest in sport activities and a deep understanding of benefits gained from the correct nutrition

Julian S

Joao is a fun person, dedicated to helping others as well as being a great chef!

Bet S

Farah is incredibly attuned to the moment. She is energetic, empathetic and kind, with skills and expertise that she optimises so well

Ruth S

Taranaki District Health Board NZ

Farah brings a depth of expertise and a style that includes deep listening and thoughtful provocation and insight. She is one of the most astute psychotherapists I have come across

Anita K

Business Psychologist, Leadership Consultant, Global Head of Inclusive Leadership, Executive Coach

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